“I’ll tell you my story” di Federico Galvani

Digital dental technician and aesthetic finisher; R/D Manager at the Medical Center  Lazzaro Spallanzani

Digital dental technicians, what the new frontiers are?

Digitalisation has transformed the world of dental technology, which means the future will require more digital professionals. According to my opinion specialisations for dental technicians will soon be divided into “designers” and “finishers”. In the Medical Centre there are 15 surgeries, another 4 chairs are opening soon and 15 dental technicians currently work alongside the clinicians and me. The centre is equipped with 3 DGSHAPE DWX-52DCi 5 axis milling machines, each equipped with a 6 bay automatic disc changer and 15 station tool changer. Learn from the experts in this unmissable series.

The digital workflow improves the service to patients?

The entire digital workflow allows you to deliver quality and excellence to your patients.

What is your vision?

The Digital allows you to take advantage of the most precious asset: your time.

The time saved by reducing errors over analogue, the time saved by repeatability, scalability and ease of use. Finally, you have the time to invest in improving patient care and develop new projects.

So what yopur DGSHAPE Milling Machines are?

Our milling machines allow us to process several materials simultaneously, and thanks to the automatic 6 disc changer and 15 bay tool changer, we can do it unattended. Our daily workflow starts the milling process in the afternoon and whoever arrives first next morning thinks “about the harvest”, in this case, the milled restorations.

Why should a clinical expert use the Digital Footprint?

I suggest to have a look of these videos